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HTC Sense 4.0 UI Features

The HTC Sense 4.0 will soon be available on the HTC Ville and the HTC Edge. The newest version of the HTC UI is designed to combine all of the HTC brand apps and features a single platform ideally adopting them for the smartphones.

To make the typing process easier the newest UI version is adopting the location of the buttons with the mode, thus for the landscape mode we have the buttons on the right side providing a wider viewing space for the screen. The buttons will be available in rounded square form instead of the current bubbles, plus each button will have a description of its function.

The rows of the buttons will be reduced to 3, instead of the current 4 rows. The lockscreen will manage a few functions at the same time.

Email functionality is now more convenient. You get a more comfortable mode for checking your email, a numerical system for the emails from the same sender (with the chance to see all the connected email subjects at the same time) and Smart Sync functionality.

The UI will have not only HTC Watch and HTC Listen features, but also Watch Later and Listen Later, which will allow to have bookmarks for specific files. In addition, the device will be protected with Guest Mode feature, displaying only the content you want, when a guest user is using your device.

Among the rest of the features you will get DropBox giving you additional memory storage capacity up to 50GB and universal Beats Audio integration.


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