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HTC Sense 3.0 UI Not Fully Supported by Older Android Devices

The HTC Sensation is rumored to come up with a list of major improvements, including the HTC Sense 3.0 UI. The newest version of the UI is designed precisely for the high-end devices to make the navigation and overall functionality of the device more impressive. The worst thing is that the HTC Sense UI will not be available for the older HTC Android gadgets.

In particular, the spinning 3D carousel elements, which make the navigation between the items easier and faster, will be available only for the upcoming exclusive HTC devices like the HTC Sensation, the HTC EVO 3D and the updated Flyer tablets. And the rest of the current devices like the HTC Thunderbolt or the HTC EVO Shift 4 G will not probably get it.

The reason for this might lie not only within the fact that there are some requirements for the support of the UI, but it can also be a marketing step to make the upcoming devices even more demanded. Anyway, the official statement of the HTC reps in Twitter mentions the fact that,  “… due to Sense’s hardware requirements, only our newest devices (Flyer, EVO 3D, Sensation) will be able to support it.”

This message made a negative impact on the potential customers, and to smooth out the situation, HTC made another statement mentioning the current HTC Android devices and their chances for getting the UI.

“Clarification: aspects of the latest HTC Sense won’t work on some previous devices. We are working to incorporate other aspects that will.”


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