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HTC Sensation XL Vs. HTC Titan

The HTC Sensation XL and the HTC Titan do not have a lot in common, still both of them come equipped with 4.7 inch displays sporting the most advanced features at the moment. The HTC Sensation XL runs  Android 2.3 Gingerbread, while the HTC Titan is a WP Mango device. If you are a fan of big displays, then it makes sense to go through this list of spec comparison to make a final decision considering all the HTC Sensation XL deals and the HTC Titan offers. Let’s say this is some sort of competition between the capabilities of Android and WP Mango operating system solutions of HTC.


The handsets look pretty similar in design. The main exception are the color options, the HTC Titan comes only in black version, while the HTC Sensation XL comes in white. The thickness of the handsets is the same 9.9 mm, but the HTC Titan looks a little more bulky.

The HTC Sensation XL’s another interesting feature are the red highlights coming with the Beats Audio branding.


The HTC Titan runs Windows Phone Mango. This means we should expect multi-tasking, a whole bunch of apps running simultaneously with the possibility of switching in between and colored tile interface. Still let’s not forget that WP Mango is pretty young, thus it doesn’t offer as many interesting apps as Android does.

The most interesting features of the Android OS coming with the HTC Sensation XL are the chance of switching between home screen widgets, Wi-Fi tethering and Flash support. In short, Android brings a lot of freedom with experimenting.


The HTC Titan comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera with a dual-LED flash, an autofocus and geo-tagging  and 720p video capturing capabilities. The front-facing camera is 1.3 megapixels.

HTC Titan video sample

HTC Titan sample photos

As for the HTC Sensation XL, it comes with the same 8 megapixel camera and all the listed specs. The front-facing camera is obviously the same too.
HTC Sensation XL video sample

HTC Sensation XL sample photos


Both handsets are equipped with the same Qualcomm MSM 8255 chipsets including 1.5 GHz single-core CPU and Adreno 250 GPU. Another similarity refers to the same 16GB of built-in storage and no support for microSD cards. Still the internal memory capacity works in favor of the HTC Sensation XL (768 MB, that of the HTC Titan is 512MB).


The HTC Sensation XL is available at the price of  £405 ($632) in the UK with an expected release date of October 24, while the HTC Titan comes at the price of £ 479.95 ( $757). As for the US launch, the HTC Sensation XL won’t be launched in the US, though it’s hard to believe US carriers will miss it. The HTC Titan’s expected to be launched in the States on November 20.

  • superpiff

    I like how the writer says these phone don’t have a lot In common even though the only difference is the software

  • superpiff

    Also in the picture it shows they both have dual led flash so another fail on the review

    • Morti

      thanks, it’s corrected

  • Twizal

    A lot in common except the software.. Hilarious! Also, how are we expected to spot a difference when the videos and photos shot are not even of the same scene?

  • Vzqljorge

    When does it come out

  • Guestwillbefine

    I like how you put the Titan’s test video for the Sensation, and the Sensation’s for the Titan.

  • Guestwillbefine

    I like how you put the Titan’s test video for the Sensation, and the Sensation’s for the Titan.

  • Guestwillbefine

    I like how you put the Titan’s test video for the Sensation, and the Sensation’s for the Titan.

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