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The HTC Sensation XL (do not confuse it with the HTC Sensation XE) was announced yesterday. It is the second smartphone to be launched with Beats Audio, though it is not the best features of the phone. On the whole, the Sensation XL is one of the most powerful smartphones in company’s portfolio and it can clearly be seen in this post thanks to PhoneArena.

The Sensation XL boasts of a 4.7-inch giant touchscreen, which is the largest one in HTC smartphones lineup. Such large screen smartphones often are compared with tablets, this is why they are called mini-tablets. All in all, there’s a little number of handsets able to compete with, but HTC owns another 4.7-inch smartphone too, the HTC Titan. So we can say HTC is one of the most influential mobile manufacturers in this niche.

Moreover, it sports an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, which is able to record HD videos at 720p with stereo audio. Now it is meaningful, because the HTC Sensation XL will ship with a Beats Audio headset optimized specifically for the device. It is also known the HTC Sensation XL will ship in two packages;

  1. The ear-buds variety of Beats Audio headphones.
  2. The more premium over-ear ‘Beats Audio Solo’ set.

Unfortunately, the U.S. launch time is unknown, but the company announced Europe and Asia will get the first units from the beginning of November.

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