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HTC Sensation Series Getting Android 4.0 ICS in Selected Countries

The HTC Sensation and the HTC Sensation XE got Android 4.0 ICS in a list of countries. In particular, the update has been delivered to Nordic countries, though several users from Germany claim to have the latest Android OS version on their smartphones.

As promised, the handsets will get a newer version of the HTC Sense UI. Nevertheless, instead of HTC Sense 4.0 coming with One series, older HTC models including these two smartphones will receive HTC Sense 3.6 UI. If we trust the manufacturer’s statement, the difference will not be that significant, so you needn’t get anxious about it.

The update is currently being rolled out to selected devices not assigned to specific carriers. HTC promises to bring the same update to carrier-based devices as well, though the users of these devices will be required to wait at least until the end of the month.

The update will be OTA for both the HTC Sensation and the Sensation XE. As soon as the update is available in your area, you will get a notification.


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