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HTC, Samsung flagships set for new look

HTC and Samsung are both going for a new look in their devices. While HTC One M8 is using plastics as the casing, the Samsung is going for full metal look in Samsung Galaxy S5.


New development in the HTC has been reported on 15th April. They have been thinking of building new improved HTC One M8 with a plastic casing. Battles have been going on between Samsung and HTC over the android smart phones.

Recently Samsung has launched its new smart phone device called Samsung Galaxy S5 with a chassis of plastics. The brand HTC has criticized the product and flaunted their new flagship product in the market with a metal case. However they have a change of heart when they thought of launching this flagship product with a plastic chassis in order to lower the price.

Pre release reviews of HTC One M8 are very positive. Various innovative features have been incorporated in the device for the benefit of the user. HTC One M8 has an excellent camera. It has been possible due to incorporation of ultra pixel technology. It is one of the trademark styles of the brand HTC. It has been used in several products of HTC. With this feature HTC is competing with the leading brands in the market.

It is seen that the mobile enthusiast are targeting at a product with a low price and best possible feature. Therefore the decision of making HTC One M8 with plastic chassis is made. With the incorporation of plastic chassis, the manufacturer of HTC One M8 has enabled to decrease the price in a significant way. It has reduced of $ 300 with the introduction of plastic casing. Metal casing can prove to be expensive in the market.

The success and failure of the brand HTC depends on the HTC One M8. The financial condition of the company depends on the product. The company is standing at a doubtful position at the recent times. M8 may decide the future of this brand. It is continuously engulfed by the big conglomerates. The sales of these big conglomerates such as Lenovo, LG and Nokia have increased over the year. The sales of the brand HTC has come down to 1.8 percent from 3.2 percent in the previous year.

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