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HTC Salsa for China Supports Sina Weibo Instead of Facebook

The HTC Salsa is one of two Facebook-dedicated smartphones developed by HTC. It was first launched in India, now it comes to China. But wait, there is a big problem here — Facebook and Twitter are blocked by China’s Great Firewall. I guess there is one question in your mind now — why should a Facebook-dedicated smartphone be launched in a country where Facebook is blocked?

The answer is after the jump.

The most popular micro-blogging service in China is Sina Weibo, so you can easily see the Weibo button on the bottom of the phone instead of the Facebook button. As you understand there are many changes in the software of the smartphone, but there are no changes in its hardware — the HTC Salsa for China sports a 3.4-inch touchscreen, an 800MHz processor, a 5MP camera, runs Gingerbread and the HTC Sense 2.1.

Of course, the phone’s hardware is rebranded but for a simple user it doesn’t mean anything. We’ll see whether the Facebook button’s replacement will impact on the smartphone’s popularity in China.


  • Christoph

    I mean why do Chinese need htc salsa if the dont use fb?

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