HTC Rolling Out One X Camera Update

One of the reasons why mobile fans were expecting the HTC One X was to test its camera. Together with camera comparisons made with other smartphones, the manufacturers were bragging about the camera capabilities.

The tradition is there always has to be something disappointing. And, yes, it was the camera. It was hard to understand who is to blame for it, as some users never complained of their One X camera. Maybe that was because they didn’t expect miracles and were happy with what they got. Anyway, HTC thought the camera needed an update.

Thankfully, HTC took the complaints into consideration and released a new camera update, the changelog of which mainly improves image and video recording quality. In addition to that, the 10Mbps is doubled to 20Mbps, the size cap of images is increased, 0 compression on JPG Images and a rebuild camera App (comes with 0 compression for better performance) included.

The changelog must give you all necessary features to kick off the photography. By the way, in near future the HTC One S should be getting the mod too.


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