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The HTC Rezound is the company’s current flagship, so it is quite expected all the new innovations and latest technology achievements come to it first. And though wireless charging is not something new, we don’t use it rapidly. In vain, because there are several accessories designed for this deal, which make the Rezound stand out. We decided to apply to HTCPedia, and this is what we have — the Setting up of the HTC Rezound Wireless Charging.

Firstly, users must get the original HTC wireless charging battery cover for the HTC Rezound and a wireless charging pad, made by LG. This is not important but the guys of the source tried it with another pad, and it didn’t work.

All in all, the wireless charging time was faster than the traditional one. There are other good things too, but we must remember this is not a cheap variant of charging regardless of how advanced it looks. It will cost users approximately $100-$110.

Moreover, if you decide to go get it, do not forget you must replace your stylish Rezound’s back cover with a bulky one. They are almost the same, but the bulkiness is obvious. Anyway, below is a video showing the whole process. Watch it and let us know whether you are ready to sacrifice the thinness of your handset in favor of wireless charging.

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