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HTC Rezound Is a Global Phone

Surprising good news has fallen from the skies on the owners of the HTC Rezound. The latter was in no need of further advertisement; enough were its unlocked bootloader, its Beats Audio and its excellent price of $199.99. So now it appears the smartphone is up to be categorized as a global phone. That is if you live in the US and would move say to the UK, the phone can work on a UK network as perfect as it did in the US.

All this was developed by an XDA user who, specially for the purpose of testing the Verizon operated Rezound, ordered it during Christmas period from an eBay seller. When the phone came, he just placed his UK T-Mobile SIM card and dialed *#*#4636#*#*. After that he went to the phone’s network settings and changed the network type. To his surprise, he discovered that the device showed many network options including “GSM only” and “WCDMA only.” He selected then the WCDMA only and the phone picked up the signal. The only drawback was the SMS sending had some problems.

What would HTC and Verizon say to this, or maybe all this was preplanned by HTC? After all, FCC hasn’t done any testing of GSM antennas on the Rezound so far. Some though believe this information to be a hidden advertisement.

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