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HTC Rezound Getting New Update with Global Roaming Activation

Some time ago Verizon announced it was going to activate Global roaming capability in all its 4G handsets, that’s why we started thinking this feature would be included in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But after the first bunches of ICS update were rolled out, we realized no such functionality is activated after the update. The HTC Rezound owners will confirm my words; they have already downloaded a 299 MB update that changed the phone’s software version to 4.0.3 but that update lacks the desired feature. Now I have other gladsome news for the Rezound users as it’s said there is a new update with global roaming activation.

The new update must be 103 MB in size. I say must because there are not that many people confirming its existence. Neither Verizon, nor HTC have come with an official statement.

However, those who have got it say the update keeps the software version at 4.0.3, activates global roaming, but doesn’t change Sense 3.6. That’s all we know at the moment and it would be great to have some feedback from our readers.


  • stevesharkman


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