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HTC Releases HTC One MAX Phablet

HTC has again surprised us with their early release of the HTC One Max phablet.  The release has been announced one day prior to its details being leaked on the Internet.  This device is one that sports a fingerprint scanner and a 5.9 inch screen. It has been scheduled to be released in China in a press conference on Tuesday however its release has just come one day ahead. This device is one that is a little bit larger than its flagship HTC One Max. The original device had been outsold by the Galaxy S4 of Samsung and this has lead HTC to record a depressing quarterly loss in this month.


HTC has officially announced a deficit of below 3bn Taiwanese dollars for the quarter of July to September. Compared to its rival Samsung the company has suffered huge losses. Samsung, on the other hand, has recorded a large profit thanks to the success of the Galaxy S4.HTC announced that it was ready to let go of the limitations placed on the details and information about the HTC One Max. There was an embargo placed on the specifications of the phone that a member of the media broke. A spokesperson of the company however said that the name of the publication responsible could not be found.

The HTC One MAX is the first device that has a fingerprint scanner all set to go on sale in the UK since the launch of the Apple phone 5S in September having the same component.  However there is the Motorola Atrix that was released in 2011 that also had a fingerprint scanner in its rear.  However the scanner did have its share of flaws as it could not take accurate readings and this lead Motorola to ditch the component in its future models released in the market.

When it comes to the above phablet the company is all set to start its roll out in the market this month.  The fingerprint scanner of this handset permits users to lock and unlock the screen quickly. It also gives users the scope to launch three favorite applications by assigning an individual finger to each of the application. This new feature has been released by HTC in a statement. We just have to wait and watch to see how this phablet fares in the market. HTC needs to work on its marketing campaign. With the aid of the right campaign it can successfully sell this device and once more take a lead in the market.

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