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HTC Reinvents Nintendo Power Gluuv – April Fool’s Day Celebration

On the April fool’s day HTC Desire showed off its HTC Gluuv smart glove. In comparison to the Samsung fingers that were launched recently. This is a highly innovative and imaginative Glove design that fooled a big number of visitors to the site. Although it seemed old school, the glove was designed with an inspiration from a Hollywood movie. The company says that HTC Gluvv is in beta mode and can be integrated with the 2014 flagship Smartphone, the One M8.



This is a wearable device from HTC features to HTC branded boom box and dubbed HTC Boom bass that has a large 87.2 megapixel camera for selfies. They have also added thumbs up like feature that automatically likes things on face book. This is to elaborate on how the features on fictious smart glove would work. The Taiwanese mobile giant introduced the glove object with the tagline “you can imagine the shape or the freedom to shape up a glove.

The device can be fitted around your wrist and make it look cool. But the technology it carries is much cooler than any others in the market. They used a tag like “hello day after today”. Imagine how much power of complete Smartphone’s creative freedom. There is a similar thing launched by Samsung.  Samsung’s feature is hyper futuristic that gives credit for designing something that is retro. The HTC gluuv looks like a Nintendo power glove with an HTC one M8 in place of the game pad. It is shinny and looks great on picture. It claims to have an 87.2MP camera for selfies. You can also buy a giant boom box retro that is controlled by the glove. It gives you the thumbs-up that can automatically like in the Face book.

This shows how mobile companies are taking on each other about how close the top mobile company are tracking each other as trivial as an April fool’s day. This was a big hoax and was done to celebrate the 1st of April. This was an April fool’s joke and there is no such device. Many got fooled out on the first day of April, but you wish we had an affordable device such as this.

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