HTC Radar Ad On ITV

The most popular at the moment manufacturers of Windows Phone devices (HTC and Samsung) are planning to start their new advertising campaigns for the upcoming devices.

The first to offer an interesting ad is HTC. The manufacturer decided to introduce the first ad of the campaign on UK’s ITV channel. For the first time HTC’s introducing an ad, which includes a celebrity. The main hero of the advertisement is Annika Liscke, who’s an actress/designer. The advertisement has the main emphasize on People Hub feature available on the handset. It allows the customers to get connected with your friends while getting fast news feeds about what your friends are about to do.

The slogan for the HTC Radar is “In the right hands, it brings you closer.” This means the device will target mainly those users, who are using their smartphones to get connected with their friends.

I’m wondering how much HTC paid to get the artist participate in the ad. This is the first step towards involving celebrities, and it’s very much sure to draw attention as well as make HTC a worldwide brand. Oops, I meant HTC’s ALREADY a worldwide brand.


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