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HTC Radar 4G vs Nokia Lumia 710: Phone Fight Video

T-Mobile has two Windows Phone-powered devices in its inventory, the HTC Radar 4G and the Nokia Lumia 710. Both handsets have managed to become very popular, though the latter was launched recently, while the HTC Radar 4G has a three-month history. Now let’s put aside all secondary factors and focus on their key features as both smartphones have something to boast of.

Recently there were talks the Radar 4G could win the Best smartphone 2011 nomination. These talks were in no way groundless especially if we consider that compared with last year’s models the Radar 4G is the fastest Windows phone handset. In its turn, the Lumia 710 managed to become public’s favorite, it’s currently a 5 star handset at T-Mobile with 56 user reviews.

Before you push the play button and watch the two-part phone fight video provided by PhoneDog (link 1, link 2), I want to remind you the phones are now available at T-Mobile. The Radar 4G is offered for $99.99, while the Nokia’s novelty — for $49.99. I don’t want to eclipse Nokia Lumia 710’s fame and features, but perhaps the pricing policy has played a great role on its popularity. Don’t you think so?

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