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HTC Q3, 2011 Financial Results are Shocking

Yesterday HTC reported its Q3, 2011 financial indicators — they are astonishing as the company showed unprecedented progress. Back in June, 2010 HTC CEO Peter Chou said he believed the Taiwanese manufacturer will be one of top 4smartphone makers. A year later his words have come true, and the best proof of it is the growth of 79 percent in revenue and 68 percent in profits.

All in all, HTC showed promising results still in Q1, 2011 when the company introduced the financial report, 104.16 billion Taiwan dollars (about $3.6 billion) in revenue and 14.83 billion Taiwan dollars (about $517 million) in profits. Then HTC showed record results in July, 45.11 billion TWD (US$1.57 billion) in revenue. Working hard and having long-term goals HTC revealed its plans for Q3, 2011. In general, the company almost realized its goal, and now we have what we have.

So HTC has earned 135.82 billion TWD (US$4.43 billion) in revenue, and 18.64 billion TWD (US$615.3 million) in profits. As I said there was recorded growth of 79 percent and 68 percent over last year’s figures, respectively.

Now we are all interested in Q4 results, and we’ll hear many assumptions referring to it, because the Samsung Galaxy S2 is beating all competitors and a couple of days ago Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S. We’ll see how they will affect HTC’s incomes.


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