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HTC Pyramid Pics Leaked

We’ve been looking at the pics of the rumored HTC Pyramid for a while now. But most of them were shot demonstrating the overall device without getting too deep into the details.

We can now say that the specs of the device are limited to the the following: Android 2.3.2, 4.3 inch 960 × 540 qHD display, 1.2 dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera with an advanced VGA brother, 768 MB of RAM and the latest and enhanced version of HTC Sense UI. Shortly we might say that the device is equipped with the most advanced features available as for now.

The leaked pics of the gadget were made by the XDA developers. Well, as we see, these guys are among our best contributors.:) This is a good piece of info after the fact that nothing was revealed about HTC Pyramid during the CTIA event.

But anyway, there’s a rumor that the device will be available starting this June. As for the carrier, we do have a name in the form of T-Mobile USA. There is no info about whether HTC has plans to distribute the device is other Western regions, but most likely the device will be renamed and rebranded to fit the market and connectivity options of the broader European market.

If you cannot wait until June to learn more about this device, I offer to have a tour among the picture gallery of the device available at the official website of XDA developers.

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