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Just can get off the mind the idea that actually HTC will not have a Facebook-branded gadget? Well, you don’t even have to do that. The thing is that the company has plans to reveal a new smartphone which will have a separate Facebook devoted button. While pushing the button you’ll be directed to the Facebook page, where you will able to use all of  the Mobile Facebook features.

The rest of the specs of the gadget remain in a secret. But there’s a guess that the smartphone will be one of the already announced smartphones, it just we don’t really know about any buttons of those, as earlier nobody would guess that those make any difference for the gadget.

Facebook has bunch of users which would like to have the one button-facebook-access, but this seems to be an uneasy solution for the gadget. Those who are familiar with the Android OS and its applicable software might be sure that it just takes only a couple of seconds to get to the Facebook homepage. As for those who do not use the social networking site, this button will cause some discomfort as there are lots of other things that could replace this facebook button.

Financial Times reports about the fact that this exact gadget will be announced during MWC next week by the Taiwanese company. Most likely next to this awesome smartphone we will also get the chance to see the first HTC tablet. Hope that the list would include also other interesting smartphones.


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