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HTC Opens Web Portal For HTC One Setup Beforehand

An online portal has been created by HTC in order to make the prospective owners of HTC One Smartphone to begin the set-up process of their new Smartphone even before receiving the phone.

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The new web portal named ‘HTC Get Started’ will help the prospective owners of the HTC One to customize various aspects of their devices, including choosing wallpapers and lock screens, setting up emails and passwords, and adding your Dropbox credentials even if the phone is yet to arrive to the owner. HTC’s innovative approach to start online portal about the setup of device is a welcomed change as it offers a lot more flexibility. It allows you to use your computer’s keyboard to tap at passwords and login credentials for using the web portal to set-up the HTC One with your PC. It helps you to choose and even upload your favorite images and photos for the wallpaper and lock screen image. This is actually a lot simpler than emailing said images to yourself and saving them to your phone, or even connecting your phone via USB to your PC to transfer the images over. Besides, it enables the prospective owners to get the set up of their devices when the devices actually arrive so that you ensure yourself that you have already made your selection in set up. Therefore, when you actually get its possession, you can simply use it just after unpacking it rather than disturbing your brain to think what to set and changing the set up one after another.\

HTC has been gifting one after one HTC One – the series starting with HTC One V. HTC One, which is originally a modification of HTC One X, has won ‘Best Mobile Handset Device or Tablet’ at the Mobile World Congress in 2013.

According to the online portal ‘HTC Get Started’ the setup for this HTC One can be made in the U.S. for carriers Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, T-Mobile, and the unlocked HTC One. While carrier AT&T has announced that it would offer the HTC One in the U.S., the portal does not seem to include pre-set-up for AT&T’s edition of the Smartphone.

Phone accessories have already begun appearing for the phone, which has yet to be launched in market in the U.S. Users those interested in the HTC One, it is advised that to pre-order if possible when that option is available as analysts warn there could be shortages.

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