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HTC One X’s Wi-Fi Bug Unfixable for Current Models

HTC One X handsets are suffering from different Wi-Fi bugs. Several users were earlier reported to complain about weak Wi-Fi signal. Everyone can check it on their own by squeezing the side back of their phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons. If the Wi-Fi signal strength improves once you stop squeezing, then your phone is one of the the ones released with a defect. Well, HTC has already announced it is aware of the problem and it will be fixed soon. But the answer seems not to satisfy consumers as they know it very well that an update cannot fix that issue.

Yesterday HTC made another statement saying they’ve put together a fix for it. If you wonder how the company will solve the problem, then this is how it goes — users will have to call HTC’s customer service line in order to ask the rep to verify whether their handsets have a problem or not. And if they do, consumers have to walk through the replacement process.

However, HTC said they will strengthen the area around the Wi-Fi antennae connection points. But this will be implemented on further production.


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