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HTC One X+ with Tegra 3 and LTE Passed FCC

Android Guys reports the One X+, which was recently leaked with its specs list, has passed FCC. In this respect, we are now more informed about the device.

The HTC One X+ will be launched via AT&T but more importantly, it will support the carrier’s LTE network. It would be just another ordinary news if the FCC document didn’t show the One X+ will sport a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. As you know, the latter and LTE were incompatible but the chip maker lately announced its next models would support all networks. So we assume AT&T’s own variant of the HTC One X+ will be the first to feature both Tegra 3 chip and LTE support.

Other than that, the HTC One X+ will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’s the second appealing news because this phone is going to be one of the first JB pre-loaded smartphones as well.

There seem to be several weaker features too. For example, the One X+ will come with an 1800mAh battery, which can’t provide decent life-time for an LTE device. It also sports 1GB of RAM, which yields the US variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 packed with 2GB of RAM.

The phone yet needs to be confirmed by both the carrier and the manufacturer since FCC approval doesn’t mean anything at all.

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