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HTC One X to Be Available at Amazon UK

The HTC One X is the most powerful smartphone of HTC’s new smartphone line. It was earlier announced 20 carriers would launch this handset, and there was no word as to how many retailers and other interested third-parties would offer this handset in their stores. No surprise a myriad of companies are willing to have the phone in their portfolio, because the One X undoubtedly sports impressive features. Amazon UK is one of them and it has already managed to list the smartphone in its coming soon category.

It’s noteworthy that the first retailer getting pre-orders for the device was Marcopoloshop, which had even prepared a page before the official announcement of the smartphone. It was then followed by Clove UK and Orange UK, but if the last two offer the entire One line (or at least, two smartphones from it), Amazon UK offers the One X only.

As for the One X, it comes not only with a list of awesome hardware features, but also with ImageSense, an all-in-one technology turning the phone into a real digital camera. Let’s not forget about the bunch of attractive accessories, like Media Link HD Dongle and Bluetooth Dongle either.

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