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HTC One X Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google I/O was the event we had been waiting for because the software giant came up with such announcements that amazed everyone, right? Besides the first Google Nexus 7 tablet unveiled at the aforementioned “party,” the company also introduced the next version of Android OS, which is called Jelly Bean and carries 4.1 version number.

This OS is the improved variant of its predecessor, and though many Android-packed devices have not yet managed to get their own dose of Android 4.0 update, it may well be so that most of them get this one too. No matter what, there will always be geeks coming up with innovative ideas such as custom ROMs. As of now, an XDA Senior Member has already managed to port Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the international variant of the HTC One X.

If you are not a newbie, then you should know any custom ROM will abrogate your phone’s guarantee and endanger the ability of further updates on it. But there are many people wishing to see out how Jelly Bean will be working on the HTC One X, if it ever gets this OS, so the video below is what you are looking for.

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