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HTC One X Message Notification Bug to Be Fixed Soon

HTC’s most powerful smartphone suffers from many bugs. The One X has been available in the market for a long time now and since then we have been hearing about new issues found on the phone. It firstly referred to the power management. Afterward, something went wrong with the camera. Later on users discovered that the display discolors when tapped too tightly. The manufacturer took the wheel in its hands. It observed the situation and launched an update to fix each of the aforementioned bugs. And now another issue has occurred (note that only several HTC One X handsets are affected).

The new bug is related to message notification; neither the status bar, nor the badge on the Messaging shortcut on the homescreen notify the users about the new message. To see if there is a new message or not the consumers check Messaging app manually, which is definitely annoying for them.

HTC has announced it’s already working on the fix without mentioning the update availability date, though.

Lastly, the bug is found on the AT&T variant of the HTC One X as well.


  • ankith

    i think there is a battery bug i noticed it on my friends phone

  • gadgetbooth

    htc phones are very complicated i bought a phone via

  • Dale Aprigot

    i have this phone its just awesome :D

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