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HTC One X Launched with Display Flaw Defects

Seems HTC has really hurried with the launch of the One series handsets. We firstly had HTC One S coating defects, and now we have the HTC One X suffering a more serious problem. Those Android fans who used to split their sides laughing at iPhone users because of the “death grip” issue, should now take back their words as the same morbus has infected the HTC One X.

If you are an HTC One X owner you can test your handset on your own — just tap it too tightly and if the display discolors or you notice a design flaw, then you have entered the club of underdogs. I’m kidding, but things are serious. HTC announced it’s aware of the case and has studied it, yet no issue was found. The manufacturer explains it saying they have not stumbled upon this issue.

Anyway, the problem is obvious, and the video below is the best proof for it. So it’s high time that HTC takes things more seriously if it doesn’t want to destroy itself completely.


  • 3rdDegree

    @ 4:55 when speaking about the app tray, you say that HTC Sense shows less apps on the screen. That is not correct. Both OS show 20 apps. HTC has more room and can afford the space for the fluff at the bottom. Everything else you say is true and I enjoyed your critique. I love Sense, but I can see where power users would get frustrated with the extra fluff. Very good review and I really like the side by side comparison. Thank you.

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