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HTC One X Has Wi-Fi Problem

The troubles of the HTC One X continue. Though the phone has received a few minor updates with bug fixes, at the moment users have discovered another issue. As  member Bigoliver reports the design flaws of the One X are impending to connect to Wi-Fi. This is the third bug One X owners face, and looking back and taking into account how attentively HTC takes care of its newly launched handsets, we can assume this one will be solved very quickly.

By the way, the first real problem found on the phone was related to power management. Before the company would come up with an appropriate update, another issue was discovered. It was similar to the one we had seen on the iPhone. The problem even was called “death grip.” And finally, the last bug concerned Wi-Fi.

Now seems all these problems appear on some HTC One X models. As Bigoliver notes you can check on your own and find out whether your phone suffers from it or not. You have to gently squeeze the side back of your phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons. Next, check to see if your Wi-Fi signal strength improves only to drop back down when you stop squeezing. If so, it means your phone has Wi-Fi problem and you can replace it.

Fortunately, HTC is already aware of the problem and is asking for feedback to help the company’s engineering team solve the problem. This can mean even if your exchange period for the One X has already expired, the company won’t ignore you.

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