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HTC One X Coming to US in 3 Different Versions

The HTC One X is coming to the US. Still compared with its international version the US version will go through a list of changes. The main change will concern the processor. If the One X comes with a quad-core processor, then AT&T, which is planning to start the shipment of the unit in the US, will be required to replace it with a dual-core processor chipset.

The second difference will refer to the name of the model. AT&T’s model will be called the HTC One XL and will run a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset. The shift of the chipset is reasoned by the compatibility of LTE networks. At the moment NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipsets are not compatible with this type of networks.

Similarly Sprint is expecting to get the One XL with the same dual-core processor but with its own branding. The carrier will offer its units as the HTC Jewel or the HTC EVO HD LTE. The info is not confirmed yet.

And as a final remark I should mention that T-Mobile might turn into the exclusive carrier offering the One XL with its original quad-core processor. Still, as always there will be something, which will make this model different from the international one. The support for quad-core processor will be available at the cost of HTC Sense 4.0.  The unit will actually come with stock Android 4.0 OS  similar to its G-series units.



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