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HTC One X and HTC One S Display Details Unveiled

With the introduction of the One series HTC brought in a new level of display quality. In contrast to their predecessors, the HTC One X and the One S can proudly boast of their innovative displays. Do you wonder where the secret lies in? Well, the source has found a way to get the phones and test their displays under a microscope.

The test revealed the HTC One X is using a matrix, which can be found on the LG Optimus 4X  HD and the lovely LG Optimus LTE. In both cases we get a display with bright colors and more shading options providing way more clear images.

As for the HTC One S, the typical RGB matrix coming with Super AMOLED displays is replaced with a more advanced PenTile RGBG matrix. Even with this matrix the display will have dottiness while viewing pics, still this is not so obvious as with the previous models. The images might be missing color enhancement, but it will not influence the picture quality as both the One S and the One X use ImageSense technology allowing to take marvelous  shots.


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