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HTC One Verizon Release To Take Place On 15th July

There are rumors that the HTC One Verizon can see the light of the day in July. There are rumors of a new offer that is coming from the company. This means people will be able to get their hands on the new offering by HTC in the middle of this summer that is great and interesting news for everyone. There is an attractive deal that is available to customers who are willing to get their hands on the phone. The company is giving to their HTC One Buyers $25 in the form of Google Play credits. The device is one that will be available on the carrier in the USA. This is one deal that is applicable to all carriers that will be providing the HTC one and other retailers that are selling the phone.

The ohtc-one-blacther dealers include Amazon, Walmart, Radio Shack, Target with others. If you check the website you will find that there is a drop down menu that gives the names of the other carriers of the phone. The MetroPCS on the other hand does not boost of the HTC One on Verizon. The release date has also not been announced so far. There are other drop down menus that have featured on the splash pages of the device before the launch but they have made no mention on the deals that are available. Both HTC and Verizon have indicated that the phone is going to be released this summer. The details of the campaign have not been revealed as of now. The time of the deal also has not been specialized and we are waiting for news on the above. There are some expertsw who feel that the release of this phone may stretch to August as Verizon may delay the launch but as of now there are no official reports. They are rumors that are hitting the market. The July 15th release date is one that is fixed as of now and we have to wait for the time to come to see if HTC keeps its promise or not.

The HTC One is one of the most anticipated mobiles that is going to hit the market this year. It is to be seen if this mobile phone is good enough to lift the failing fortunes of the company that has not been doing quite well like its other competitors as of now.

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