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HTC One Users To Get Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Update

Some HTC One handset owners have received an update this week in the form of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This is not welcoming for many users as the Company has given this update to some users only. This update was expected by all the users of HTC One after the Company had hinted that this update would be made available to all HTC users uniformly.


The recent update by the Company has not introduced many changes. Most of them are minor and very simple. The owners of HTC One can now long press the Home Key and receive the Menu options and get Google Now.

Besides the above there is also an extra feature where users are able to see a percentage view of the life of their battery. This release is yet to be made available to all the users as Google has announced the HTC One Google Edition along with the unique Nexus experience.

This update comes with and without the HTC Sense. The HTC Sense UI is one that has been accepted by some users while others do not even like it. After this launch HTC has stated that this update is one that is meant for those users that like the raw experience of Android.

There have been some screen shots of the above update that is doing the rounds on the Internet. As mentioned above the update by the company has plans to bring in some changes in the Sense UI feature of this flagship mobile of the company. The percentage battery display feature is one of the prime features of the new update.

This change may be a small one however it renders a considerable amount of importance to the phone. There is another feature in the form of the Android daydream. This update is one that has comes with the advantage of removing docked icons. There is however no news on the date on which this update would be released and made available to all the users of the HTC One. We have to wait and watch for the official news on behalf of the Company till then.

There is anticipation that the above update would be released to the users soon. Till then let us see if the Android update reaches us first or the Pure Google HTC One lands up before it does. Let is wait and see what HTC decides to give us first!

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