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HTC One To Launch Windows 8 Phone In 2013

HTC is back in the news again with fresh reports that it will be launching a Windows 8 phone in 2013. This device is rumored to be the same as the popular HTC One model. There have been leaks that the Company today is working hard on the new device that will launch the Microsoft OS platform. The Windows 8 phone is one that has the same shape and size as the Google based phone. However there are reports that the two phones will not be the same in specifications and looks. They will resemble each other in some degree at all.


This phone is going to be like the HTC One with the body of the phone to be made in metal. The display of this phone will be around four to five inches. When it comes to the Android version of the HTC One it comes with a 4.7 inch display. This is the rumored specifications as the exact measurements have not been confirmed by the company. Further rumors suggest that the new HTC One Windows phone will sport a same UI camera of the HTC One phone. There is also special indication of the GDR3 Windows Phone update that would be hitting the market soon.

When it comes to the Windows 8 phone by HTC this is seen as a welcome boon. Consumers will find this as a welcome change and as this is a fresh change that will come via the company. Unlike its rivals there is not too much interest in the mobile platform of the device. Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia have captured the attention of the audience. The flagship mobile of the company the HTC One has become a hit with the audience mainly because of its sharp looks and internal features.

Critics have also praised this device and the reviews of the phone are encouraging. We just have to wait and watch to find out if the new Windows 8 phone can weave the same magic and become a best seller in the market. The aluminum chassis of the phone is good and it has a smart and sleek look that is popular.

Thus, it seems that now HTC is ready to join the Windows 8 phone bandwagon. Like its rivals and other counterparts the company is now all set to offer its customers with the Microsoft platform. The mobile manufacturer has also worked on the internal hardware of the phone and at the same time laid focus on the quality of the phone. This is the reason why the new devices that are being released in the market are high end and have a wider appeal than the ones made and issued in the past.

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