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HTC One the dual SIM review

HTC One is one of the most desired mobile phone for many Android phone lovers. Its magnificently designed body along with the smooth Sense UI is unrivaled amongst the opponents. Despite having released in a formal capacity a few months ago, accessibility was a big issue and when it did finally hit retail outlets, costs were simply outrageous. Fortunately, that remains to be the history today and the dual SIM edition is designed on the identical requirements as the One. The including dual SIM fix an extra SIM slot and a small SD card support and that is about it. Here the question that has risen is Rs 50,000 amount is acceptable? Well, lets look at the features.

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The unibody aluminum style of the One has not got old yet and is still a wonderful piece of technological innovation. What exactly is amazing is that HTC has not screwed with the style language despite including a detachable back cover.  The metal cover easily removable thanks to a little attach on the side. Since this was not the ultimate retail store device, the 3G SIM port did not seem to identify any of our SIM cards so we had to adhere to the GSM slot for this analysis. HTC One has capability to accept 64 GB through its SD card slot. And this is the reason that the weight of this phone increased by 13g and it’s a bit wider as well – 10.4mm. Apart from this, this is a regular business mobile phone.


HTC One dual SIM has 440 pixels per inch, high quality LCD3 display with full HD resolution. You can get highly and clear pixel density through its LCD3 display. The color of HTC One is really vibrant and really effective. The combination of colors and symbols are truly awesome which creates one of the best shows around. Include Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC as the One in this cell phone. 2GB RAM is available in this phone. HTC One provides Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for security. Android Jelly bean was going through a tough condition but it is time to come out from the painful situation. Sense v5 is really looking sensational, smooth and it has a simple way to be updated with your social network and also keep yourself updated with the latest information. The media player easily manages popular movie and audio formats, including 1080p movie. You can input all the lyrics in HTC One and also has an easy way to catch all the folders and visualizations.

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