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HTC One Sense 6 Update Starts Rolling Out, U.S. Waits

Sense 6 update for HTC One has been introduced in North America. However, the United States has been waiting for the launch of HTC One. Sense 6 update from HTC One is also made available in Canada. More features should be incorporated in the device in the coming week. With these new features HTC One may able to capture the imagination of the customer. It has been seen that the customer is also waiting for the introduction of new feature in this flagship product from the brand of HTC.



Involvement of the customer has become an innovative feature of this premium handset. Software up gradation has been done in consideration of the users need. The company has created a website to take device owners advice for the improvement and development of the HTC One.

Sense 6 up gradation will be done on the last year’s handset of HTC One. The feature of Sense 6 is currently available in the HTC ONE M8. It will be soon included in HTC ONE M7. There is also confusion about this up gradation in the market. However it has been confirmed by Canada carrier TELUS that HTC One M7 will have Sense 6. It will be available through all the carriers in Canada. Bell, Sask Tell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile and mobile syrup will be providing this feature in the HTC One M7 soon.

The feature of Sense 6 may make the HTC One M7 one of the best smart phone devices in the market. With the new up gradation it is possible to fix bugs in the device. It may also enable the user to have innovative enhancement in the device. Navigation is made easy in the device with the color coded themes. It is also possible personalized font style in the device. New interface is introduced for Gallery and Camera. Maps may be shown according to the point of interest of the user. It is a device with the power saving mode.

Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile is at the last stage of certification in order to roll out the device in the market of the United States. It may be launched in the United Kingdom at last week of May through various carriers present in the country.

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