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HTC one Mini release date and specifications has been confirmed

HTC One mini is in the centre of gossip from a long period of time. The handset has earned a good publicity before its release. People had already managed to see the live pictures of HTC One mini. Its existence has been come into the forefront through few official render as well as from various kinds of organizations. Day by day the confirmation about the presence of HTC One mini is increasing as it’s photos is coming to the forefront. Until now there has been no other additional information has been gathered about this device. However, there are few specifications, which has been confirmed when it comes to HTC One mini.

HTC one Mini release date and specifications has been confirmed

It is expected that the fans and users of HTC will be happy to know about some of the basic features of the handset. It has been until now revealed that the device will consist 2GB of RAM. The camera lovers will be delighted to know that they will get a chance to access 4MP Ultra Pixel camera. Besides this, when it comes to performance then there is a high expectation from the mobile enthusiastic as it is believed that the device will be emerged with 16GB internal storage and Beats Audio enhancement. Rather than this, there are other features which are on spotlight and those are the presence of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Sense 5.0 UI tucked on it.

Presently new news is hovering around about HTC Desire. It has been know that the Desire has also received some treatment. In fact it appears like a small version of HTC One but it is not capable as HTC One. The device smoothly runs on a single-core 1GHz processor and also consists 512MB of RAM. HTC One Mini will consist of 4.3-inch smaller screen variant. When it comes to designing then the HTC One Mini appeared much similar as HTC One. like HTC one, HTC’s  Mini will have dual stereo speaker on above and below there will be a display as well as key arrangements, which is similar to HTC One. The micro SIM slot location is on the same place on mini as it has on the One. On the back side the camera flash has been settled above the lens. The fans of HTC Mini will be delighted to know that the Mini will cost less than One. It is expected that HTC One Mini will release in the month of August. 

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