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HTC One Max May Enter With Sony’s Latest Device On AT & T

Now with the mobile smartphone market giving us some real attractive models regularly the best thing one can do is wake up to the fact that some more Android phones will be hitting the mobile market soon. The carrier AT & T is ready to come into the market with two brand new devices and one of them is the HTC One Max. Now when the company announced that it will be releasing the HTC One Max soon there were other carriers like Verizon and Sprint that stated they would be adding the super big device to their lineup.  However after the announcement of the device there was no more news from these carriers in the USA. This means that AT & T is the carrier that will be making complete the release of the HTC One trio for consumers in the USA. The HTC One and The HTC One Mini are two devices released earlier under the HTC One brand name this year.


The AT & T carrier has displayed some leaked shots that are more or less the same to its global sibling. The carrier has also added some of its personal touches to the phone and it has also engraved its name on the status bar of the model. The 4G LTE logo is also on the phone. It seems that AT & T will be taking a leaf out of the Verizon network and stamp its global logo between the back and home buttons of the HTC One Max.

Now along with the HTC One Max the carrier will also be launching another device – The Sony Xperia Z1S. This device however is not as open as the Sony Xperia Z1S and its features are still as of now unknown. There is however an image of the device that has been leaked and its photos display that the phone looks the same like the Sony Xperia Z1 with a camera that is a front facing one flipped to the left side of the phone. The Sony phone logo and the jack for the headphone will be more centered on the top of the device.

The phone will also have a 4G LTE logo in the status bar of the device and this more or less looks the same like the one that is used on most of the phones launched on T-Mobile like the HTC One. This means that we will be able to see some new Android phones being launched in the market however there is no concrete information for each of the two models and this means we have to wait and watch!

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