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HTC One M8 Launch- New Sense 6 Video Captured

If you are waiting for news on the eagerly awaited HTC One M8 here is good news! A video has surfaced displaying the brand new HTC Sense 6 interface that promises to make its debut in the widely anticipated phone. This video is a two minute one that shows consumers how the company will flatter this new offering with a minimalistic design and amazing icons. HTC has downplayed the design of this new device. However this is no reason for disappointment as the new phone brings to the market interesting features and controls!


What Does The HTC One M8 Have To Offer?

The video gives us an insight into some unique features of the device. To activate the device from sleep mode you need to double tap on the handset. For unlocking the camera app of the phone you need to hit the volume key in the landscape mode. When you swipe to the right of the screen you access BlinkFeed that also has a visual overhaul. Swiping left on the screen takes to directly to the Android options. Screenshots in this video display how the above features work.

As of now there are no surprises or alarms with respect to this device as of now. It is very hard for lovers to understand how this device receive the Sense ROM and have it effectively installed on this new offering. The HTC One M8 will be launched in a planned media event scheduled to take place on March 25.

From the above it is obvious this is not the final version of the HTC Sense 6.0 that will hit the market. The device and its offering give us a detailed insight on what HTC will bring us in this new Android smartphone. There are several listings on eBay, hardware leaks, press releases and other salient details of interactive cases. There is hardly anything left for HTC to surprise mobile enthusiasts in just a week. All we can only do is expect something at least and check out the video to get an idea of what the HTC One M8 really has to give us!

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