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HTC One Is Likely To Cost $249.99 On AT&T, Pre-Orders Likely To Start April 5th

It is still unclear that exactly when the HTC One will be available in the United States, but some leaked images suggests that AT&T will begin pre-sales this excellent smatphone by this Taiwanese mobile manufacturing giant on April 5th.


The leaked image from internal system of this US based telecom service provider  says that both the white and black 32GB versions of the handset will cost $249.99 with a contract on that day though reportedly online orders beginning on the 4th. It seems that the 64GB model will take a bit more time to get out of the gate. Rumors say that this model is likely to cost $299.99 once it will be ready to hit the market.

No such time frame has yet been announced that by this time the purchasers will be able to get their hands on the device. But if it follows HTC’s schedule saying that the device will make it to North America, Europe, and parts of the Asia-Pacific region before the end of April then it seems that AT&T is also doing the right task in right time. Customers in Taiwan, Germany, and the UK began receiving the device last week. Beyond AT&T, T-Mobile has announced that the HTC One is “coming soon” for $99 up-front, and rumors earlier today suggested Sprint’s model would cost $199.99 with a two-year contract. AT&T’s rumored $249.99 price-point would place the HTC One in direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which is already the clear winner when it comes to mindshare.

Few days back it was it was reported that HTC One is getting an overwhelming response in the United States. Official information from HTC confirmed that it has already scored several hundred thousand preorders for the HTC One from the customers.

HTC One was unveiled in February this year. This android based smartphone includes an all aluminum body with 4.7 inch touch-screen. According to the sources close to HTC, that smartphone would be available in 80 countries through 185 carriers in March. But due to that technical problem, it has failed to complete the shipment by the stipulated time. . HTC One is getting praised by the reviewers as well as consumers.  The rating in the review also has placed it higher. A success of HTC One does not mean it will get its lost market share back but certainly it will create a push to achieve its target.

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