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HTC One Gets Overwhelming Response In The US

HTC One, the flagship smartphone from the house of HTC, is getting an overwhelming response in the United States. Official information from HTC confirmed that it has already scored several hundred thousand preorders for the HTC One from the customers. It really shows the customers’ eagerness to get their hands on this latest smartphone from this Taiwan based mobile manufacturing giant.


Jason Mackenzie, HTC president of global sales and marketing, has confirmed this milestone for preorders for the HTC One. Jason Mackenzie has termed the customers’ initial response to the phone as “fantastic” along with the apology for the delay in production of this phone due to the Ultrapixel camera. He said. “We are seeing our strongest initial response for any smartphone we’ve ever designed with several hundred thousand people in the U.S. pre-registering to purchase the new HTC One.” It is also said that HTC needs nearly 4 hours (220 minutes to be exact) to manufacture every single One smartphone.

HTC One was unveiled in February this year. This android based smartphone includes an all aluminum body with 4.7 inch touch-screen. According to the sources close to HTC, that smartphone would be available in 80 countries through 185 carriers in March. But due to that technical problem, it has failed to complete the shipment by the stipulated time.

Though it is high on demand as of now, there is little chance for HTC to recover the market share. HTC One is getting praised by the reviewers as well as consumers.  The rating in the review also has placed it higher.  But despite the high rating in review and appreciation from the consumers, there is a little chance to change the fortune for the company as well as the CEO as HTC failed to meet the deadline for the supplies which were to be shipped by mid March. The delay in shipping has put both the company and the retailers on the edge as the retailers had planned to sell it out to the consumers by mid March. Few days back HTC announced about the delay to hit the market except UK, Germany and Taiwan. So there is a chance that HTC One will lose to Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC is already facing tough challenges from Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market. Therefore a success of HTC One does not mean it will get its lost market share back but certainly it will create a push to achieve its target.

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