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HTC One Faces MIC Issues

There are a host of smartphone giants doing business and once in a while facing a lawsuit is no bog deal. The latest to join the bandwagon are Nokia and HTC. HTC One is now embroiled in a microphone issue with Nokia that has recently been granted an injunction in this regard.


Now the question arises what Mic issues is HTC One facing and what does it have to do with Nokia. A court in Amsterdam has granted a request that has been put forward by the Finnish company that supplies of its microphone parts should not be given to HTC. It has held that these parts are supplied and manufactured by itself and not for HTC. HTC has been using the same components of this microphone and you ca  actually find it in the Lumia range of smartphones.

HTC is again a loser for its HTC One series of smartphones that have faced a number of delays in shipping to parts of the world promised. The mic in dispute is said to have been found in the Nokia Lumia 720. The legal statement has said that HTC does not have any license nor authority from Nokia to use the above microphones or Nokia technologies for which they have been developed. In its marketing statement the mobile giant has claimed that HTC has used the HDR microphone as a salient feature for the HTC One range of phones. However Nokia has used its technology to make this microphone and HTC has no legal right to incorporate it in a device.This mic has been developed exclusively for Nokia.

HTC has no right to copy any of the innovations or components that Nokia has bought out. This is very essential for the company to take note. HTC on the other hand stated that it is very disappointed with the decision and the judgment. It is sure that this judgement is going to have a severe impact on the business and the alternate solutions it uses for the manufacture of mobile phones. Legal disputes are a part of the smartphone world and now HTC it seems needs to take other alternative methods and go in for manufacture of new mic technology for it future line of phones. This legal battle has now staopped and HTC has no other choice but to abide by the decision of the court and start racking its brains for a new smartphone microphone.

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