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If you have set your eyes on the HTC One there is good news in store for you. This device is now available for pre-orders from Best Buy. This retailer has currently listed three major carriers from where you are able to get the HTC One and they are Sprint, AT & T and T-Mobile. These three carriers are ready to gift you with this widely sought after phone.


Currently this retailer has the Glacial Silver version of this device that is a 32 GB one. The price for the handset is $199.99. The customer is able to get new contracts for AT & T and Sprint and it is available at $249.99 along with two year agreements with T-Mobile.

The offers by Sprint and AT & T are not very surprising if you give importance to the fact that these two carriers are selling the 32GB device for similar price on the stores that are online. These devices have two year contracts and the T-Mobile agreement is a wee bit costly than you expect.

It was just a few weeks ago that T-Mobile unleashed its news plans for the “uncarrier” modes. This plan dumps the compulsory 2-year contract that is in favor of no-contracts. Similarly the carrier also wishes to retain its prices for high quality devices by permitting mobile users to pay for the handset of their wish with the aid of part monthly payments. This is a different kind of an agreement that you may wish for however Best Buy unfortunately is not providing it.

It is anticipated that the T-Mobile version of HTC One will be available at $99 sans a contract. This will be available with a number of installments. The current offer placed at Best Buy does not provide the above. You instead will require buying a handset with the requirement of paying $ 249.99 as down payment. Here you need to consent into entering a 2-year contract with the carrier.

Simultaneously Best Buy also lays down a list on its unique HTC One Page listed on the internet. Here buyers are able to pick their favorite carrier for the HTC One phone. However there is one thing that you should note and that is the T-Mobile link has not been activated for this time. This means you require to manually searching for the HTC One device on T-Mobile before you finally pre-order it for your needs.

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