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HTC Not to Launch Low-End Smartphones in Future

HTC was always famous for its high-end Android-packed smartphones. But Samsung came and changed everything. In this regard, one thing the Taiwanese manufacturer could do was reconstructing but it seems not that much has been changed since the company started reporting about net losses. At first, HTC announced users should not wait for many handsets because the company would launch only three One line smartphones and nothing else. Those three devices were the HTC One X, S and V. The latter is a low-end handset, and now the HTC One V seems to be the last in its type.

It simply means HTC will no longer produce low-end smartphones. HTC CEO Peter Chou talked about this and other strategic moves in an interview with WSJ. He particularly said, “We insist on using better materials to make better products that offer premium experience. Many consumers like that.”

On the whole, HTC was supposed to be trying to take the wheel in its hands and to start conquering the low-end smartphone market from China. The latter is the best ground for it because Android OS is on 76 percent of all smartphones sold in China. The average price of those devices is 1,670 yuan ($265) in Q1 2012, though in Q1 2011 it was 2,300 yuan ($364). Taking into account these numbers Chou said the company is not interested in selling devices for less than 1,000 yuan.

I guess this decision was not made easily because HTC is losing a whole niche but looking at all HTC’s low-end smartphones and their sales volumes, we must welcome HTC’s decision.

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