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In an interview with Forbes, Claude Zellweger, CEO of One & Co – Unit of HTC, which is developing the external design of smartphones and accessories, spoke about current trends and future design developments of HTC models.

One & Co is a famous expert in the design and repeatedly receives various prizes and awards, including BusinessWeek / IDSA IDEA Awards, the Good Design Awards, CES Innovation Awards, and ID Magazine awards.

Collaboration One & Co and HTC began in 2006 with the first order from HTC to develop the design for one of the smartphones. And the result exceeded all expectations – HTC Touch Diamond with a memorable, unusual design and broad functionality showed just incredible momentum – more than a million units sold in the first three months.

A little later, in December 2008, HTC has announced the acquisition of One & Company Design to be merged with the company’s division that accounted for device designing.

American financial and economic journal Forbes interviewed the General Director of One & Co, Claude Zellweger opened the curtain of secrecy on future models.

HTC has already established itself as a manufacturer of multifunction devices of Hi-End class. “People who want a certain value can buy an LG or Samsung phone. We have to make sure our design is strong enough to justify [a higher] price tag.” “- says Claude Zellweger.

Acording to him the design of smartphones which have been created by the company should justify the maximum price, but not necessarily be expensive. Some models are not targeted at business users and look completely different.  This may be reflected both in software and in the used materials, forms and colors, says Zellweger.

But the interface of devices is also important. According to Claude, approach to the creation of design applications is used to be haphazard. But One & Co focuses on the user’s convenience. So, if you purchase a new model of the – no inconvenience will arise. In the updated version of the UI you will “feel like at home.”

HTC phones running Windows Mobile, designed for the business segment are mostly in the strict dark colors, but the design of Google-phones is limited only to the imagination of the designers. More “sporty” type, has different options of colors and even more ambitious experiments.

In an interview designer denied rumors about the development of the company’s own netbook. He announced that in the near future HTC will introduce the device that will surprise many of us, but among them there will be no sub-or netbooks.

According to Claude Zellweger, in the near future we can expect new devices from HTC in the “new, exciting form factors”. “We’re not scared to go places people haven’t gone yet.”

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