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HTC made Nexus 8 may be Google’s last one

It has been first time since Nexus One that HTC is launching a device from the series of Nexus coming summer. HTC has been coming with eight inch tablet Nexus Android experience. Google has been trying to penetrate the market in order to reach more number of people. They may not be selling Nexus 8 as aggressively as Nexus One.




Google and HTC have been thinking of announcing the launch Nexus 8 soon in the market. However it may released later on in the market. The series of Google Nexus may be launched with this flagship product.  Nexus 8 has been estimated to be launched on 26th June.

Google’s Nexus tablet with 7 inch display screen has been introduced in the market at the same time. It has been brought in the market as a replacement. ASUS may use this time to create and boost their product in the market. It is one of reasons of declining a deal with the Google. HTC has negated the proposal of making 7 inch Nexus android mobile when it is offered to them at first. However HTC is trying to have a second go at the project. Nexus may help HTC to gain the lost reputation in the market.

Nexus Android device from HTC is a tablet with amazing features. It has been expected to have 8 inch display screen to cater the need of the customer. A feature of Intel Bay Trail-T processor has been incorporated in the device as well. Super sharp display of Nexus 8 may come with the increase resolution of 2560 × 1600.

It has been believed that Nexus 8 may be the last edition of Nexus android in the market. However HTC has been trying to compete with the iPhone and iPad with the Nexus. It has been seen in the recent years that the reputation of Nexus is slowing down in the market rapidly.

HTC may stop making Nexus series in the future. However, Google may go on in their endeavor to make Nexus devices in the future as well. Google may offer the future editions of Nexus devices with the Google Play.

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