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HTC M7 Expected To Be Unveiled On February 19th

There was rumors way back in the month of December that the next flagship smartphone of HTC will be launching then. However when it did not there were new rumors that this phone would be unveiled at the CES but that too did not come to fruition. There is widespread rumor that this phone will make its appearance at the Mobile World Congress the following month. Now it seems that HTC has other plans up its sleeve as there are fresh rumors that suggest that this phone will be unveiled on the 19th of February at a special press event in London.


The unleashing of the new Android mobile phone ahead of the Mobile World Congress by HTC could be a smart move as there are so many devices that get announced at the Barcelona event that in reality do not deserve much attention at such an event.

If you are new to the HTC M7 you will find that there are many interesting specifications available in this phone. This phone is going to be the flagship mobile of the company and it will operate on the Android platform. It will come pre-set with the Android Jelly Bean and is going to support the latest in mobile technology. The phone has a touch screen display that is approximately 4.7 inches and runs at a resolution of 1920 x18080 pixels. Individuals will get an amazing 468 PPI that score over the current smartphone. This device is powered with a 1.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon processor.

With this quad core processor you are able to get 2GB of RAM. The HTC M7 will also have internal memory storage of 32 GB. The camera of the HTC mobile is 13MP and it supports 4G. The phone also comes with the Beats Audio Technology for great sound.

There are rumors that HTC has sent out invites to this launch event scheduled to take place in London. This invitation confirms that the Company has fixed a place in London and there are confirmed reports that the phone has been named the HTC M7.

It seems that HTC has decided on the 19th Feb launch date as it does not want the phone to get lost in the noise and the fervor of the other phones that will be launched in Barcelona. This is indeed a very wise move by HTC and only time will show if they are successful or not!

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