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HTC M4, the ‘modified’ HTC One is likely to be launched in June

If you are thinking that HTC One is the most advanced smartphone from HTC, then be ready to see a revamped version of HTC One, the HTC M4 which is expected to be launched in June this year. According to sources close to HTC, the company is working hard on this successor model to the HTC One, with the dubbed name the HTC M4. It is also said that this HTC M4 is going to be a revised model made from metal alloy.


It is not clear what exactly is new for this model HTC M4. But it can easily be guessed that this new model will have some kind of update along the lines of HTC’s One XL and One X+ which included storage and processor upgrades from the original HTC One X, without any change in change in most of the features. Sources are saying that HTC has contracted a new supplier named Catcher Technology for its metal alloy used in the new model. HTC was understandably a bit annoyed with the supplier contracted for the supply of the exterior shell components of the HTC One and there was a failure to meet demand which cost HTC dear by losing sales opportunity due to delay. Shipments for the metal alloy and hence the HTC M4 are expected in June and a predicted 700,000 units is the target for the Q2. It is clear that in order to prevent component shortage issues happening again, HTC has decided to give its chassis orders solely to Catcher.

The HTC One has proven popular with reviewers and critics for its physical design. It was reported that HTC got an overwhelming response from US customers as per the pre-orders data. But the delay in shipment cost it very much. Many commentators believed the HTC One was the company’s ‘make or break’ handset after multiple consecutive failings to hit targets and turn a profit. According to the schedule announcement, the HTC One was supposed to be launched globally in mid-March. But HTC could manage to manufacture only some limited number of handsets which was enough only for a limited retail launch in the UK, Germany and Taiwan. It is still not tclear  and any confirmation is yet to come whether the company has resolved the HTC One camera module supply issues, or not. As of now, the device is expected to be launched in the US, rest of Europe and Australia before the end of April.

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