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HTC Liberty: New Name for HTC Aria?

Is this a joke or something? Anyway, the info about the possible early release of the HTC Liberty is all over the web. As we can see from the leaked photo, the device looks like the HTC Aria. Wait! Did HTC change the name of the device? As far as we know the HTC Liberty and the HTC Aria seem to be the same device. At least their appearance is the same, and they are equipped with the same screen with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

Anyway, the photos are not that accurate, and we’ll manage to find out the truth only when the phone is released. Let’s hope it will happen soon enough.

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  • Wandoportgirl

    I bought a HTC Aria but inside the phone it says its a Liberty… I am so confused

  • Jamiebasil

    Yea that is exactly what mine says…

  • Tuancd_p

    HTC aria is the version with teflon plastic back cover when Liberty is the shinny plastic back cover

  • Jim

    Suddenly I am needing a new HTC Liberty Aria driver on my laptop.u00a0 Can anyone tell me how to download a driver for it?

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