HTC Leo or HTC Touch Pro3

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Just recently we have published the leaked photo of the already legendary powerful HTC Leo, which is scheduled for release in October this year and once again new photos of this device surfaced around here.

Looking at the pictures we see that rumored specs are very trustworthy. First, the processor of this smartphone is really Qualcomm Snapdragon with hitherto unprecedented speed – 1GHz. The huge capacitive screen sized 4.3 inches with 480×800 resolution will not disappoint the fans as well.

Third, the device has proprietary interface Manila 2.6, designed specifically for HTC Leo, and Windows Mobile 6.5. We have already written about other main specs available in our previous articles, so not to be repeated let’s finalize it as a truly powerful device.


In addition on the above photo we see it labeled asĀ  HTC Touch Pro3. One can see that the new photos clearly show HTC PRO.THREE inscription on the back cover and we still remain guessing whether Leo (HTC HD2) will still be attributed to Pro series, as the HTC Touch Pro, and Touch Pro 2 are known for their physical QWERTY keyboards, but Leo can not boast with such a keyboard.

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  1. Eh…where's the “Keyboard” at on this Htc Touch Pro3 for Sprint? A whole lot of your customers are tick off, if there's no “Keyboard” added in this design, for shame, for shame! Everybody was looking forward on the newest model coming up, now, if it's true, there's no “Keyboard” then a whole lot of us, won't be purchasing the Htc Touch Pro3 version, and we will have to purchase Htc Touch Pro2 with the amazing keyboard! That video show Htc Touch Pro3 and Htc EVO 4G, the looks actually the same, no keyboard, just touch screen keyboard, now that's boredom, whoever or what designer ya'll had, he or she had goof up on this Htc Touch Pro3, they need to revamp another version with an Htc Touch Pro3 with a “Keyboard” on it fast, have two version output with and without a “Keyboard” so people of the world can have variety of which way they want to purchase!!! If not, I will purchase Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 with a slide “Keyboard” Amen

  2. both look weird come on if you want a Touch Pro3, then revamp the Touch Pro2 thats a yr old. I'm getting anxious to see the Touch Pro3 I think it will be one heck of a PDA. It will kill the Samsung Epic sorry for the people buying one of them phones haha, samsung stinks!

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