HTC Legend: 10 Reasons It will be a Success

HTC Legend is the most interesting Android-smartphone. The elegant design and excellent use of Google Android are not the only features of Legend. Let’s analyze why “Legend” is going to succeed.

Amazing all-metal case
The housing of Legend distinguishes it from a number of standard smartphones. The case is carved from a piece of aluminum, so apart from good appearance it is also very comfortable to hold in your hand. Other devices can hardly be compared with Legend’s design.

Structural reliability
The metal case not only looks good, but also makes the smartphone durable. The endurance of Legend has an excellent effect on its daily use. There are no plastic parts in the phone which can potentially become loose or deformed. Of course, this does not mean that you can hammer nails with the new device from HTC, but it definitely will be more durable than other devices.

HTC Sense UI improves Android
The new version of HTC Sense makes Android even more beautiful. Features such as scaling with a pinch, allowing to switch to the pan review of seven screens of the current scene at the same time with a gesture, or Friend Stream, collecting all information flows from social networks on the same page have been added.

Smart and friendly
Does a loud call interrupt your business meeting? Take Legend in your hands, and it will automatically reduce the volume. And if you turn it over, it will become completely silent. The attention to details distinguishes the new phone of HTC from its competitors.

First-class components
Specifications of Legend are in no way inferior to its design. This is one of the most advanced Android-devices. Recall at least the 3.2-inch AMOLED screen: bright, saturated and sparing the battery, high quality 5-megapixel camera and support for 3G.

Legend took the best features from other smartphones
HTC Legend is not the first phone with a metal case, but it is the best one. HTC designers avoided the mistakes of the predecessors and provided a plastic panel, which does not prevent the distribution of 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. Audio connector is located on the edge of the top of the board, thereby allowing connecting headphones to the plug in any configuration without any problems.

Android 2.1
The most advanced software can be found in Legend. A few smartphones have already received the latest version of Android, allowing to use several Google accounts, search for images from the Google and generally obtaining increased stability and speed.

No trackball – no problems
Fortunately, Legend has not received the mechanical trackball from its predecessor, HTC Hero. Instead of that control element, an optical joystick is used, the operation with which is a real pleasure. You can also press it, which means that we truly have a multi-functional navigation tool.

Small, but so beautiful
HTC Legend has no super screen or monstrous dimensions. It is packaged in a neat shell with 11.5 millimeters thickness. The 3.2-inch screen has a perfect size to comfortably watch video, or be conveniently placed in your pocket.

Long lifetime of the battery

Most smartphones “die” after a day of active use. Legend will have to be recharged after being in use for two days, carrying out any tasks.

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