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HTC Leads US Smartphone Market

Fall is a time of totaling all the pluses and announcing the numbers, which often seem surprising and unexpected. In particular, last summer the sales of HTC smartphones surpassed those of Apple. The numbers refer only to the US territory, which is native for the Cupertino-based company, while the Taiwanese company must cross the ocean.

According to Canalys’ survey, in summer HTC sold 5.7 million smartphones in the US, then come Samsung with 4.9 million sold smartphones and Apple with 4.6 million units.

The former leader was RIM, which is missing from the list. All in all, this year was fatal for the Canadian manufacturer, and Rim’s only hope is the BlackBerry Colt with its new operating system, BBX. It is set to be launched in early 2012 and its success will save the company from crash, though I don’t believe it.

Anyway, HTC’s leadership is conditioned by the quality and quantity of its flagship models. I mean the company has smartphones for any taste, though only few of them ensured its summer success — the HTC Thunderbolt, the Evo 3D, the Sensation and the Inspire 4G. All these smartphones can be purchased from four biggest US carriers. Moreover, HTC offers not only smartphones supporting 4G, but also mid-range ones. Though we haven’t seen low-cost and low-end devices made by the company, HTC is said to enter this market too. So the sales rate will increase in coming years.

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