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HTC is Aware of Missing ICS Update for Thunderbolt

Verizon has always been very attentive to updates, but not this time. Big Red promised to roll out Android 4.0 ICS update to the HTC Thunderbolt  before the end of August. It was the deadline, which was not met. Consequently, Thunderbolt consumers were left with Gingerbread only. This said, don’t hurry to think HTC’s forgotten about its promise.

An HTC Thunderbolt owner asked the Taiwanese company if they were aware of the missed deadline, and the company answered they were in the know. HTC reps also said they are working with Verizon to complete it and will notify customers as soon as it is ready.

So the update is yet in works. Anyway, there surely will be many people who will get tired of waiting and will choose to root their phones to flash a custom ROM on them.


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